Most Appreciated Gifts that your employee will love to receive.

Want to expand or promote your business? Then you will need to win the hearts of your employees by gifting them gifts-work creation best and high-quality products.

We have a large number of products and also we add new arrivals. At this time, we have added some new and daily use products. They are –

Foldable Beach Mat’s

Foldable beach mats are for camping on the beach, but it is necessary that the mat we are using is sand, water and dust resistant.

Our foldable beach mates are made up of polyester and it is water and sand resistant. It is also easily folded and handy. Our Foldable mat comes with an inflatable pillow. The best thing to carry for the camping. Gifts work also have attractive pattern foldable beach mat.



Cutlery sets an add-on to your dining table. Cutlery has its own beauty of charm and it’s really add-on beauty to your dining table.

Gifts work has the wide range of fascinating forks, spoons and knives for your need. It helps in adding elegance to your dining experience.

These cutlery sets are crafted beautifully and you will get compliments from your employees.



Gifts work creation provides a wide range of umbrellas like Straight umbrellas, folding umbrellas, double ribs umbrella, golf umbrella, reversed umbrella, Rainbow umbrella, vinyl umbrella, beach umbrella, kid’s umbrella, lover umbrella, wood umbrella, promotional umbrella, advertising umbrella etc.



Customized size

Shaft made up of – Steel, aluminium, Fibreglass

Ribs made up of – Titanium-aluminium

Handle made up of – clarity plastic, aluminium, rubber, latex, leather

Fabric Painting – chameleon (colour-changeable fabric), pongee, sateen, nylon.

Colours – Wide range of colours & different shapes.

These items will deliver shortly to your place within 3 days the time of booking. We ensure you that you will get good quality of products from our collections. We export in many countries like China, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Malaysia, USA, UK, Australia, Vietnam etc.

We at gifts work creation team believe in supplying genuine & top corporate gift items to our clients.

Gifts work creation has a large number of trusted clients. For products related information visit our page


Best Gifts you must choose to offer?

Corporate Gift exchange is the process of exchanging gifts in the business meetup, occasions and some time parties and general employees give up. Corporate gift don’t require general criteria to distribute gifts among all.

There is some reason many times when you should use this gift in business as a tool for business enhancements.

You can try out some basic gifts in the market to make this process of corporate gifting more good.

Organizing some easily available corporate gifts:-

  • Trophies: – Trophies are well traditional items for school, corporate gifts distribution, employee’s appreciation.
  • Desktop accessories:-The desktop accessories such as mouse, mouse pad, card holder, memo pad box, phone stand, microfiber mouse pad.
  • Bags :-Laptop backpacks, conference laptop, Executive laptop,
  • Drink ware:-Kairos haversack, carter haversack, triangle city bag.
  • Leather Gift:-Coasters, Gift set, ID card holders, Key fobs, Leather luggage tags, Leather name card holder, passport holder, photo frames, Leather pouches, Traveller Wallet, Leather Wallet.
  • Portfolios and folders:-Can be treated as most useful components for gifting.
  • Trophies and awards:-Trophies and awards are one of the good things to consider because it can be easily customized for offering purpose.
  • Apparels:-Apparels can usually be gifted such as on uniform basis.
  • Wine Accessories:-These are the basic accessories that are used on and often for corporate parties and normal parties too.
  • IT Gadgets:- IT Gadgets involves the products such as pens, Bluetooth speaker, Bluetooth bracelet, hand phone accessories, Mouse & Keyboard, Power banks, USB Car Chargers, USB Flash drives , USB Hubs and Card reader and Wireless Presenters.
  • Lifestyle Products:-These involves Fidgets toys, key chains and RFID Card others.
  • T-Shirts:-These products look great when gifted with some different patterns and unique designs. You can make them customized with different patterns of logos for corporate environment and sometimes you can customize as per the users perspective.


Choose customized printed towels of best variety.

A towel is a fabric that is used for drying or wiping the moisture from the body by bringing it in contact with it and for other purpose too.

Generally when people go to buy towels they do simply tell a statement to buy:

Hey Bro just show me a towel.”

Do you feel is it sufficient for you to have a well quality and purposeful stuff of what you are thinking for?

People don’t have knowledge of which type of towel to purchase, this is just an ideally bit ockawrd to know that people blindly purchase these stuff for themselves.

Here is bit information shared for people to purchase your towels in a well decided and purposeful pattern that suits you goal better.

How to select towels?

Which types of towels to buy?

Towels fabric does have many different forms:-

  • Bath Towel: Bath Towels are normal used for drying the body normally after shower or bath. We have Bedford, Cosie Microfiber Towel and Onto Soft Microfiber bath towel.
  • Foot Towel:-A foot towel is a rectangular towel normally used to stand on after getting a shower or bath (Microfiber Square towel).
  • Paper Towel:-A paper towel can be considered as a piece of towel that is used once and after that cannot be used. Or you can say it as a use and throw material.
  • Disposable Table:-A disposable table can also be said as a towel that is meant to be used by the same person; it can be reused but not washed off.
  • Kitchen Towel: These towels lie under the category of paper towel or normal towel.
  • A tea towel:-These towels can be called as clothes which is used to dry dishes, cutlery, after washing them.
  • Face Towel
  • Sports Towel

You can also get more detailed information about the fabric of towel cloth by giving us a call.

And if you want to buy from us then we are foremost to help you 24*7

You can also this stuff for promotional and corporate activities if you want, we can provide every types of customization with any color you demand.

Customized Lanyard Wholesale Supplier Singapore

Welcome to Gift works-Creation! We manufacture customised lanyard and corporate gifts items.

Don’t worry whether you need a simple lanyard or customized lanyards for any event or just to hold identity cards or an entire set of gifts for any event or you need more gift items with customization such as company’s name, logo and tagline. No waiting and no mess. Get customised lanyards printed according to your envision.

Zipper Lanyards

Why choose us for getting Custom Lanyards?

Large Collection & Best Customer Service

We provide a large collection of customised lanyards in all colors and materials. But, this is not only our vast collection but we just more collections that set us apart from other providers.

 Unbeatable price

Custom Lanyards are a simple and efficient way to highlight your brand exposure, build brand image. We offer best quality lanyards at the best prices.

Fastest Delivery Items:-

We deliver our customized lanyards at the fastest pace in the industry. No need to panic whether you need a single piece of lanyard or it is in the bulk quantity. We will deliver your order in the shortest time.

Top Quality

No errors, no color stains, complete fresh piece with no fraying.

With Gift-works Creation, you will get lanyards of high-quality made from nylon or polyester.

Appealing Design

Our team of designers will make you ensure that printed lanyards look awesome. With different ranges and colors & bold fonts,

Get your personalized lanyards, Imprinted or Woven lanyards on your preferred material with custom designs.

Customized Corporate Gifts- Cotton T-shirts in huge demands

Corporate Gifts are one of the most demanded themes of offering gifts. But it becomes impossible sometimes to find out the best suitable gifts.

So we are here to assist you in every sort of corporate gift ideas collections

We do have a list of corporate gifts that are highly loved and attracted by first eye impression of the customers.


From smallest to high level variety we do deal with great likes & support of our customers beneath impressing with our globally demanded collection of gifts.

Cotton T-Shirts are widely used by the people and is considered as the best outfit collection for summer. And used mostly by the corporate environment for customization for their business & corporate environment.

T-Shirts in Singapore

Every official & promotional activity requires its brand impression & identification to get unique identity in the crowd gathering of any event.

Giftworks- Creation provides you a collectible variety of most wanted variety of t-shirts, exclusively demanded by everyone.

Why to choose Giftworks- Creation to buy Customized T-shirts.

  • Our unique quality displays a brand image sign of what we are selling.
  • We have our customers from different part of the country who are interested in buying our corporate gifts.
  • T-shirts we supply are unique and made with a perspective to satisfy demanding needs of the customers.

 What we can offer you for customizing t-shirts printing?

  • You can choose the options of customization on T- shirts of your own choice.
  • The text and logo or tagline:-The logo or messages or tagline of yours choice can be engraved on it.
  • High quality branded t-shirts & apparels.
  • Available with every comfortable size.

We provide more unique apparels with customization.

Make your selection unique and lovely with in return thanks for your offering

Stay updated for more updates on unique gifts with easy customization.